Dalyo Domi, mobile remote management



Dalyo Domi is dedicated to the social services industry and is directly marketed by Penbase. Dalyo Domi includes a mobile application and a supervision website. The solution is synchronized with major schedule-management software available on the market.

Whole pack

This turnkey solution includes a smartphone, an operator subscription (secured SIM card) and a mobile application. Penbase becomes your one-stop shop for orders, invoices, hotline and after-sales service.

BYOD pack

This flexible solution includes a mobile application to be installed on your employees’ smartphones from the Google Play Store. This is a monthly billed solution, with no commitment period.

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This straight-forward solution includes an NFC clocking device to report entries/exits. This device benefits from the best network coverage with a multi-operators connexion.

Objectives for the employees
  • Always have an up-to-date schedule
  • Check in/out very easily at the client’s home with the NFC technology
  • Easily exchange information with colleagues / managers
  • Feeling safe thanks to the DATI feature
Objectives for the managers
  • Control missions are done
  • Optimize caring quality
  • Manage anomalies
  • Secure employee’s activity
  • Android system
  • NFC or QR Code technology to start/end a work order
  • Schedule synchronisation
  • Integrated text messaging system
  • Cartographic tools
  • GPS or LBS reports
  • Shared professional phone book
  • Professional card
  • Lone worker alarm systems
Penbase is the market leader in mobile remote management solutions for the social services industry and has strengthened its position thanks to strategic partnerships secured with partners such as Orange (which markets Dalyo Domi under the “Mobile et Badge” brand). Dalyo Domi is also marketed under the Ximi Mobile, Ogust Mobile, Domiciel, LogisFil Mobile and BL@Dom brands.