Dalyo Tech, management of interventions



Dalyo Tech is a web solution and mobile application that facilitates and improves the exchange of information between businesses and their technicians operating on the ground.
Dalyo Tech is a comprehensive solution that works independently – there is no need to connect it to any other existing software.
The solution can be modified and customized for specific needs.

  • Always have up-to-date schedules
  • Track activity in real time
  • Facilitate reporting
  • Speed up billing
  • Automate exchanges of information on clients, sites, interventions
  • Manage anomalies
  • Make the employee’s activity safer
Smartphone Features
  • Android system
  • Reading of NFC tags and barcodes
  • Addition of photos and comments
  • Synchronisation of schedules
  • Integrated text messaging system
  • Cartographic tools
  • GPS or LBS summary
  • Shared professional phone book
  • Lone worker protection system
Website Features
  • Activity management: clients, technicians, sites
  • Planning of interventions
  • Status of interventions
  • Generation of reports
  • Process, real-time tracking
  • Alerts Management (delay, absence)
  • Internal messaging service