Penbase offers Dalyo


Penbase provides innovative and efficient mobile solutions thanks to Dalyo.
Created in 2004 and constantly updated since, Dalyo is the first “cloud computing” platform dedicated to professional mobility to take advantage of the latest technological innovations (networks, materials, systems and mobile communication protocols).

Dalyo is made of five technical components to personalise template mobile applications very quickly (Dalyo Domi, e-beton, Dalyo Tech). Thanks to Dalyo, Penbase provides its clients with efficient solutions tailored to their specific needs.

the customisation is based on three points:
  • The user interface (with the client’s colours)
  • Appropriate adjustments to comply with the specific business logic (to best reflect each client’s specific characteristics)
  • Implementation of the Dalyo solution into the existing customer’s softwares (the main aim of a business mobile application is to provide a “mobile extension” to an existing information system. Its implementation is therefore a key point.
Dalyo enables Penbase teams to :
  • Manage the life cycle of web and mobile applications (creation, implementation and updates)
  • Manage users and mobile terminals (application and data rights and access controls, users and group of users management)
  • Synchronise mobile terminals with full security
  • Integrate mobile applications with the business’ existing software packages and information systems
  • Supervise the entire mobile system (applications, data, users and terminals) using monitoring and notification tools