Domi Connect



Domi Connect is a mobile application for smartphones which is complementary to Dalyo Domi remote management system. It provides information to caregivers and external professionals. Its role is to complete or replace logbooks left at the home care recipient’s.

Domi Connect is a comprehensive solution made up of three modules:

  • Mobile applications for relatives
  • A web site for relatives that completes mobile applications
  • Supplementary tab on the Dalyo Domi web interface enabling easy application management

The client can fully customize information to be sent for each Domi Connect account (call notifications, completed or scheduled work orders, social worker comments, tasks carried out, etc…).

  • Automate information sending to care recipient’s relatives
  • Home logbook digitisation
  • Share information with relatives, caregivers, no matter of their location
  • Direct contact directly with the relatives using a very simple messaging system
  • Available on iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Free download on the App Store and Google Play
  • Display of completed or scheduled work orders
  • Access to information for several care recipients
  • Real time employee call notifications