Penbase conceives professional mobile solutions for all smartphones and tablets on the market and for all business sectors.

Created in 2003, the company has more than ten engineers and grows further each year.

Operating in the personal services, concrete, transport and logistics sectors, Penbase offers a comprehensive service that thoroughly respects each client’s specific norms, features and habits.

This comprehensive service is based on :

  • Customer support
  • Penbase’s technological platform
  • The production of the adequate technical solution
Philippe Garnier, chairman of Penbase

photo_philippe_garnierPhilippe Garnier is a Supinfo Paris computer engineer. After having worked for large international groups (Apple, CLT) and several internet start-ups around the turn of the millennium, he created Penbase in 2003 to provide professionals with mobile solutions answering their business needs. Founder of the Dalyo platform, he developed a passionate interest for mobile telemanagement in the personal services sector from 2005 onwards, seeing a wonderful combination of human values and cutting-edge technologies.