C. Ancillon

Director of the Centre of Home Care for elderly or disabled people (CHCEDP). This service depends on the inter-municipal centre of social action of the Voiron area.

“Mr. Ancillon, your structure uses the Dalyo Domi solution developed by Penbase since 2013.

Could you tell me how you heard about Penbase?

Mr. Ancillon : We have done a first trial in remote management at the end of 2011 during 6 months, but the product we used did not fully satisfied us. We therefore decided to launch a tender and Penbase replied to it. Dalyo Domi was the solution we chose.

What is the role of Dalyo Domi within your structure?

Mr. Ancillon : Dalyo Domi enables us to send and display intervention schedules automatically on each carer’s smartphone, to manage interventions, mileage, use the directory and the messaging features.

What are the advantages of Dalyo Domi?

Mr. Ancillon : On the mobile app side, Dalyo Domi provides carers with a greater working comfort. It enables them to get their schedules and clients information in real time, to use the map to guide them to their client’s homes, to call each other without having to go out of the app, with a professional smartphone.

On the admin side, it made us save a lot of time. Indeed, planning managers do not have to directly get in touch with each carer to inform them of modifications, nor send paper schedules as everything is managed by Dalyo Domi.

Hours approval is automatic at the end of the month thanks to the NFC check in/out system. Thanks to Dalyo Domi, we saved about 3 working days worth of workload per month!

Would you recommend Penbase?

Mr. Ancillon : Absolutely, and we have already done so. Their hotline is really reactive, it is a real pleasure to work with them and the services provided always are of an excellent quality.”

Interview made by phone on 15th September 2016