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Cleaning industry: Dalyo Clean

img_ic_pack_dalyo_cleanThe flexible field management solution suitable for all situations. On the cleaner’s smartphone or using an autonomous on-site control.

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Services for people: Dalyo Domi


Synchronize your workers schedules, get attendance information in real time and exchange all required information for an even more efficient service.

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Concrete professions: E-Beton

img_ic_pack_ebetonSynchronise the pumping and transport schedules, optimise your missions, get your delivery slips signed directly on site, secure and accelerate your billing.

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response management: Dalyo Tech


Track work order scheduling up until completion in real time. Tech proposes a complete web software + mobile app installed on technicians’ phones.

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Lone worker protection: Dalyo Dati

img_ic_pack_dalyo_datiDalyo DATI is the lone worker safety solution on Android Smartphones.

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