Dalyo DATI, worker safety solution



Dalyo DATI is a lone worker security system working on Android smartphones. It is made of 3 main components :

  • A mobile application for field workers triggering alerts
  • A mobile application for managers to receive alerts in cascade relay mode
  • A web management interface to manage alerts, define alerts recipients and view alerts on a map.
    The process is fully configurable for an optimum security of lone workers.

    Dalyo DATI is an autonomous solution which can be used as a complement of other mobile applications.

  • No specific PTI terminal need
  • 100% customisable for all industries
  • Easy to use: immediate control
  • Geotracking of alarms
  • Available on Android smartphones
  • GPS summary of alarms
  • Cascade alarm transmission
  • Man-down detection
  • Detection of extended periods without movement
  • Vigilance signal
  • Silent alarm
  • Voluntary alarm